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Jaffna Hindu College community warmly welcomes you to the web portal for all Hinduites living around the world.

Jaffna Hindu College, established in 1890, is a premier academic institution in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Known island-wide as Hindu College, it is the citadel of Tamil and Hindu Culture. The students of Hindu College-the Hinduites, are inculcated with the Hindu way of life, high discipline, unstained dedication, and excellent character. The distinguished Alumni of this prestigious Hindu institution have held and are holding high positions of responsibility in Sri Lanka and in countries where they are domiciled.

Introducing ‘Kerni’ a new database portal by JaffnaHindu.Org to find your friends.

Jaffna Hindu intelligent member database, proud to be named 'Kerni' is yet another creative dimension in JaffnaHindu.Org.

It is a very powerful tool for networking Jaffna Hindu Community, started with a very ambitious hope of uniting all Hinduites and to help find lost friends, renew friendship, and to build an information empire for Hinduites.

Search is made easy and powerful in this information portal, helped by many search criteria.

'Mathil' is another feature inbuilt in Kerni; Use Mathil to post your comments to individuals or for a selected group or common to all.

The Jaffna Hindu Web Team believes this as the first intelligent information portal among secondary schools in the world. With all your active involvement this can be made a very dynamic portal.